The hatch screen idea and a Whale Gusher Mk3 pump rebuild

Posted By on February 23, 2015

EncoreScreenFrameProject15020 WhaleGusherMk3AK0553Kit150218

While getting sidetracked from the Whale Gusher Mk3 pump rebuild (soaking and cleaning), I started working on Encore’s hatch screen idea since it will soon be bug season on the sailboat in Florida. I’ve been mulling around a few way to “frame” the fiberglass screen material and ending up forgoing the stainless steel for galvanized wire (cost and availability) … and this works well, I’ll look for some “no-see-um” screen and aluminum wire. I still need to source the grommets, suction cups and “bungee or line pinch clamps” in order to hold the screens in place, but I did work on straightening the coil of heavy wire and then forming it around a plywood form.



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