March marched in like a lion with weather and health concerns

Posted By on March 7, 2015


A catch up post since hear in Cincinnati we have had a much snowier February and early March than usual … although a change is coming, so I hear?

Sharing a few medical concerns:

Activities this first week of March have revolved around medical care for a few in my family. Most pressing concerns are about the chemo treatments for my niece Sarah dealing with her growing inoperable optic tumor “fingering” into her brain. She has lived dealing with and knowing it would eventually grow since she was 4. It has primarily only affected her eyesight up until now, but doctors keeping close checks on it have noted changes, most likely do to hormones during the teenage years. Please pray that the rounds of chemotherapy drug treatment and continued nutritional intake can keep this monster under control and give Sarah as normal of life as possible while she finishes high school and plans for college … and maybe even get her back sailing again? She is a great GOD LOVING girl … pray for her and her family.


As for the somewhat more “normal” health concerns, Brenda’s mom had a fractured vertebrae repaired with Kyphoplasty Surgery. She would prefer to be home, but needs to rehab before she can comfortably live with her daughters. And finally my dad, he fell and fractured his pelvis in two locations. Unfortunately falling and fractures are all too common for the elderly and the healing process along with physical therapy painful. His hospital stay will shift to acute in-house rehab in as much as he can tolerate it which hopefully will enable him to move around on his own. Thankfully all are doing well for now and I am confident they will be back home soon.


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