A great time sailing was had by all

Posted By on April 1, 2014


We had almost perfect weather to enjoy a mini-vacation on Encore these past few days, unfortunately all good things come to an end. Beside doing to much needed cleaning (Brenda does a better job than me), we took our niece Sarah and her friends out for a day of sailing. Our goal was to head for West End, Bahamas … but humorously knowing that we’d be turning back well before we were anywhere close. As usual, all were heavy eyed as we were able to use the north wind to sail the inlet against a bit of tidal current.

After our sail, we also noticed our bilge pump functioning which reminded me that I might want to install a backup. I seems an elbow fitting on our aging Volvo diesels heat exchanger decided to leak. I was able to adjust a clamp (if it can be called that) to stop the leak, but I need to find a new part and see if there is an upgraded clamp. Hmm.



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