Ice fishing for Northern Pike in North Dakota

Posted By on March 7, 2015

TaylorNorthernPike150307It’s great to see your kids making the most of their situation. In the case of Taylor who often feels “stuck” in North Dakota … especially in the winter … he continues to fine interesting and new things to do. This early March weekend he went ice fishing with his northern buddies not far from Williston, ND. As you can see, the Northern Pike were out looking for whatever bait Taylor put down thru the hole in the ice.

It does bring back a few memories for me since I spent many a day ice fishing on Lake Erie as a boy … some with my grandfather and dad … others just by myself enjoying the solitude. I admit though that I preferred the ice shanty or at least windbreak to sitting huddled over a hole trying to say warm.

Well done Taylor!


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