An interesting way to park your car and VW Golf TDI decision

Posted By on May 13, 2015


Besides having a chauffer park your car for you, the Porsche owner above has invested in a pretty cool CarDok. Not to be out done, my friend Tim Hunter TimH2002VWGolfTDIIMG_5247has found an even better way to park his Volkswagen … (kidding) photo right.
We were both somewhat distressed seeing his old TDI (now his daughter’s car) ”shoveled” around at the insurance claim lot after the accident. He decided that was not the best way to handle his “beloved” 2002 VW Golf TDI and is choosing to fix it rather than crush it – it made sense to me. Thankfully the damage to this well used little car (nearly 300,000 miles) was limited to “mostly” cosmetic parts and should be able to be self-fixed satisfactorily … at least enough for a commuter car. It is a good thing he choose to buy it back from the salvage yard because otherwise I would have added another diesel project in my garage. Whew, decision averted for me! (damage to the front “only” below)



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