Spring pool opening has turned into pool repair season

Posted By on May 18, 2015

In the heat of a Cincinnati summer, owning a pool is great … but when closing and opening an “aging” pool that needs a bit of TLC, I begin to wonder if the extra work is worth it?

This year has been the latest we’ve ever open our pool here in Cincinnati (perhaps we were a little later when we lived in Hudson, Ohio?) Part of the delay was the extra goings-on with my dad and Brenda‘s mom, part a extra couple of trips to the boat and some of it a bit of laziness mixed with rainy weather. Nevertheless, I am slow to get the pool cleaned up and opened this 2015 season as I’m just now working on a few tile repairs. These repairs are becoming far too normal as more and more rain/snow melt is seeping under the tile and freezing; the voids are noticable and pop the tiles (or break them) when the water freezes and thaws. I’m hoping to stretch these old tiles one or two more years before a full resurface and re-tile is necessary …. but we are getting close.


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