The Rat Zapper: A better mousetrap, but a bit more expensive

Posted By on July 14, 2015

MouseInRatZapper150713 It really works! The “new to me” Rat Zapper Classic RZC001 mousetrap did its job in our poolhouse/workshop last night. After baiting the little “garage gizmo” with a few nuggets of Tootsie’s dog food, it “caught” a first mouse in what I hope will be many.

It’s an interesting gizmo in that converts 4-AA batteries into a “lethal for mice” place to eat. Stick in some bait, switch it on (the light blink on then off), place it in an area visited by mice (note droppings) then check the red light the next day. If the light is blinking … that means a rodent is inside and ready to be disposed of. Tip the little garage to dump (in my case into the compost pile) and add a couple more dogfood nuggets for another try. No more bloody traps to reset. So far so good.



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