Traveller repair: It is always something on an old boat

Posted By on July 9, 2015


So much for checking the old IYE traveller carefully on Encore before ordering $81 worth of the wrong bearings. It’s not all bad, since the previously purchased Delrin bearings will be needed eventually as they will either wear out or fail before long.

Traveler_bearings Traveler_150707

Unfortunately the broken pieces in the top photos during a recent sail were from the two Delrin ball bearing sheaves … and they look equally if not more expensive. So it goes when maintaining an old boat.

Control Sheave Ass’y for Traveller Car: IYE 32C-36:
Control Sheave Assembly for IYE 1 1/4" Traveller Cars, fits all 4-wheel, and New-style (4 3/8" long) 6-wheel Traveller Cars that have tapped axles. Assembly consists of (2) 1 1/8" OD Delrin Ball-Bearing Sheave Assemblies and a Cover Plate with (2) mounting screws. Fasteners are on 2 5/8" Centers. Cover Plate is 3 3/4" long x 1 1/16" wide.



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