What a fun time flying a quad copter or #drone

Posted By on August 19, 2015


Well … one of the positive things that happen at funerals (and weddings) is that families get together. Taylor took a funeral day (plus weekend) from his job and Katelyn and Drew drove home from Wayzata (Minneapolis, MN) and brought along his “new toy” … quadcopter with a camera – what a great distraction.

We enjoyed the nice weather for both pool and flying this new gadget (it was surprisingly easy) … although as expected, we had a few mishaps on landing – nothing that couldn’t be fixed. All in all, this relatively inexpensive Chinese model offered impressive “bang for the buck,” especially since we were all new to flying by radio control. I’ve got the feeling that there may be a more advanced model in Drew’s future … maybe even one with a GoPro camera?

DrewQuadCopterC150816 TBKDR_attable150816
Drew turning on the camera before flying and a “semi-selfie” dinner together photo.


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