Remembering Dad with a few photos and things he treasured

Posted By on August 20, 2015

It has been a long week already and my brother and I are already having conversations about dad’s house and contents. I know it is something we need to do, but it seems so final … IMG_6733c copyand I guess it is? We did talk about this a little bit with dad, but it wasn’t the easiest topic of conversation.

The talking we did do had me thinking about the things dad treasured most … and there were not many, considering all the items stored at the house. I’ll start with mom (early days photo on the left) … they were a perfectly matched couple. Not that they were the same, but they complemented each other right from the beginning.

A close second were his boys … yes that would include me (above).

And finally, dad’s many cars over the years (not unlike me) … particularly his 1958 Packard Hawk that he inherited from his mother via his Uncle Ed. Oh, he did so enjoy the cars shows and talking about “all” classic cars … particularly anything pre-1960. We always had a good time together when on the subject of cars (he even approved of my Mercedes) and maybe I can at least try to carry on the “car-loving” ways?

Dad driving his 1958 Packard Hawk


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