Update: Rehab for Brenda is slow, painful but steady

Posted By on August 25, 2015

It has been 25 days since surgery and about a month since my wife’s fall off a ladder. The rehabilitation is actually going well when observing the healing from the outside — the incision is relatively clean. Brenda isn’t ready for photos … so I’ll just include the last photo (right) of her are pre-injury from July 2015. The incision photos from yesterday look pretty good although there is a sign that some internal sutures are coming to the surface and causing a little seepage. We are watching for infection (see below).

Unfortunately the internal healing will be much slower as the pelvis fractures and new “bionic” part (composite part) in her arm will take longer to heal property before she can use or put any weight it. Still the “passive” motion of her arm by the physical therapist and “pivoting” on Brenda’s right foot until the pelvis heals (weight off left) at least has her able to inch around the house a little bit without being stuck in a recliner or wheelchair. We do take too many things for granted as I walk back and forth “speedily” taking care of things. It is all very frustrating to someone as active as her.

Thankfully the pain meds keep her comfortable for the most part and she can tolerate the working of her arm through a pretty impressive range of motion. The surgeon was skeptical after not being able to save her bone and replacing with a half shoulder. He commented that his goal is to save the shoulder when possible as it give the fullest range of motion after rehab. Second is the “hemi” since the scapulla is still the natural material and we re hopeful it will be in position to permit the new part a full range of motion — that is something not even possible with a full shoulder replacement. Brenda is working hard and intends to give the rehab 100% … so if it is possible to regain, she will do it.


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