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Posted By on October 16, 2015

I wrote and email the other day explaining my thoughts toblogworthy someone commenting that they were impressed with the Democrats and and not so impressed with the Republicans after watching three recent debates by 20+ different candidates. Since I put a little time and thought into my reply, I figured it might be blog-worthy … or maybe not???

Sorry to hear that all you digested 16 person field of Republican candidates was the press ballyhooing Donald Trump’s comments (BTW, NPR is not going to give you balance).

Before you jump onboard Democratic Socialist movement (currently their leaning), you better review history as it relates to presidential leadership necessary for a peacemaking superpower nation:

  1. National security — what does it takes to protect Americans, prevent war in the world, ethnic killing and terror training sanctuaries?
    Strong U.S. leadership, a "big stick" approach feared by those who pose or attempt to be a threat and has the ability (with a strong leader)  to build a coalition that respects and follows a perceived winner.
  2. Strong economy — what creates upward mobility and financial success?
      Balanced budgets, smaller government, low taxes, fewer entitlements, companies competing in free market capitalism(stimulates innovation) and a minimum amount of regulation. This strength creates more and better jobs with higher wages searching for the best employees and demanding more from schools and universities.
  3. Moral Values — how do we continue 200+ years of American exceptionalism?
      By adhering to and teaching traditional American values that built this nation which derived inspiration from biblical principles and upholds basic rights granted to each "individual." Government should not impinge this liberty (judicial branch),yet needs to uphold the laws (executive branch) enacted by the people (legislative branch). Building this foundation starts with encouraging family – preferably a mother and father to teach by example and extending to the citizen directed locally controlled schools.

You don’t have to go too far back in history to see what happens when nations don’t pursue the above:  

  • Weak international leadership = national security problems. 
  • Centrally controlled  bloated government = slow economy, loss of jobs, low wages. 
  • Disregard for morality = single parents, disruptive and failing schools, disregard for rule of law, lack of purpose or focus, poor work ethic, corruption, lack of respect and a nation in decline.

Let "history" be your guide … as philosopher George Santayana is credited, "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

Think more about the philosophy each candidate (and party) will be pursuing rather than those saying things for attention or pandering to interest groups for their endorsement, campaign donations and votes.


PS. Remember Margaret Thatcher’s comment, "The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money."


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