Lost a few shingles due to high winds and a new roof

Posted By on February 25, 2016

ShinglesOff20160220With the early springtime weather we have been having this February, and a new roof towards the end of last year, we lost a few shingles.  It isn’t really a surprise since asphalt shingle need some hot sunny days in order to flex into position and tack themselves to each other.

The recent winds came from the south and west and in turn took a few cap shingles off the gable ridgeline and loosen a few more on the south side. While doing the walk around, I also noticed a downspout loose and a call to my new roofer friend Josh Tirey and all was taken care of. One advantage of using a smaller local company  that was a father now son business is that they are better as standing behind their work.


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