Talking taxes, politics and old #TBT high school reunion pages

Posted By on April 7, 2016

Taylor160405Here’s a personal "what I’m doing" post after spending an evening with my son Taylor finishing up his taxes. We of course used this excuse to have dinner together too. I think we have both always enjoyed our time together, but the older (and more mature) he gets, the more I really do enjoy talking with him … including the usual, politics. Hopefully now that he’s paying a few more taxes, he’ll want to hold all politicians more accountable for their irresponsible spending habits (and I’m not even talking about President Obama’s getaways!).

I also realized it will be Thursday when this post goes live … so I might as well include a couple ThrowBackThursday #TBT images my brother and I found while sorting through my mom and dad’s house in preparation to sell. The pages below are from my mother’s collection of high school reunion pages … the amazing part is that this summer will be my wife’s 40th reunion! It doesn’t seem possible? A couple of the notes shared in mom’s 40th Libbey High School reunion from the class of 1952 was that she had 4 grandchildren and that my dad was retiring! First, I’m not sure we’re even old enough to have grandchildren … and second, is retirement even in our future?

LibbeyHighSchoolReunionBooks JAB_ReunionClass1952in1992


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