The Raspberry Pi 3 is up and running with a LAMP stack

Posted By on April 6, 2016


After buying a new 64GB Samsung EVO+ microSD card and imaging Raspian on it, I started the Raspberry Pi 3 in my home office.  It is now time to start installing software and updating it to make it a proper "micro" webserver … although I already have WordPress and American Pi running on it (even installed PHP7 against my better judgement!). There is still a lot of tweaking still to do, but it is running the LAMP stack pretty well and as a couple favorite apps … like Pianobar (love that Pandora app).  I am amazed how much hotter the Broadcom chip runs when compared to the Pi2 … it even hit 80 degrees C for a few minutes during an install although averages about 60 degrees C (Pi 2 is  in the 40s even when overclocked). I’m starting to think about a little cooling heatsink if I want this microcomputer to remain stable and last a while?

I’ve tried using it a little bit as a desktop Linux computer … and although it is faster than than the Raspberry Pi 2, it is still a sloth.



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