Found it! The Vane for the Cape Horn Self-Steering gear

Posted By on May 9, 2016


It is hard to believe I found the vane parts after almost fabricating my own or contemplating ordering a new $160 (plus shipping, I think?) part for the Cape Horn self-steering gear. While going through my bins of spares and the chart table, the clean-up process had me pulling out an outdated chartbook when low and behold both the light wind and heavy wind vanes for the Cape Horn gear appeared sandwiched in them. I’ve been wanting to rig up the passagemaking gear to see how well it self-steers Encore (based on wind direction) but without all the components passed on rigging it. I’m still short a couple of adjustment lines, but “think” I should be able to test it out on the next sail.

The sun was out for a couple of days after some hard rain which really “uglied” the water, but with the blue sky and sun, Encore needed an updated photo. Unfortunately she needs a good cleaning and as always, some buffing, wax and brightwork.


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