An EGR Race Pipe mod for the BMW X5 35d diesel SUV

Posted By on June 18, 2016


Finally found enough time to remove even more items from the BMW X5 35d … this time it was to replace the EGR and the EGR cooler assembly with a "gorgeous" billet aluminum EGR Race Pipe from FixMyVW ccm. The photo on left below is fresh out of the package and below and on the right installed without the Throttle Actuator.

FixMyVW_AlumEGRRacePipe FixMyVW_EGRRacePipe

The entire process is not for the faint of heart as access under the hood of these rather expensive vehicles is not that easy. Andrew (of EGRExhaustBlockhas a BMW 335d sedan and gave me a few tips, but  he probably didn’t want to frighten me about just how tight some of areas are. My point of warning: installing the block off plate is about as "by feel" as you can get … even after removing quite a few components including the EGR cooler and aluminum handling components just over the radiator fan. The photo (rt) does not do it justice … but I dangled the iPhone down in the "hole" and snap this photo before tightening the block off plate and gasket down tight.


The soot in the intake manifold was not bad at all (above left) and I’m including a couple photos of how I bypassed the EGR vacuum actuator and cooling components after removing the expensive EGR cooler (will include a photo of that part later).

EGRvaccuumactuatorbypass EGRCoolerBypass

Finally I put the relatively new Throttle Actuator onto the new EGR Race Pipe. I only drove around the block because I’m a bit low on coolant. (TIP: buy a gallon of BMW coolant before removing the EGR cooler … you’ll lose some.)



  • Including a couple photos from the pile of junk … 1) the “PILE” and 2) the not so bad EGR (those who have worked on Volkswagen TDIs and their EGR and intake manifold problems know what I mean by “not so bad.”)

  • Cameron Moore

    How does your x5 run without all that emission equipment? Also could you tell me how hard it was removing the diesel particulate filter?

    Thanks and nice right up.

    • Cameron,
      I “finally” couldn’t be happier. I say that because after “tweaking” several TDIs and working on older diesels, the BMW X5 was more challenging to track down gremlins and issue with the coding. By far the biggest help was working with Andrew at (very attentive to my codes, etc) AND purchasing Carly For BMW app.

      Now this 5000 lb. SUV really flies an still returns 26 mpg at 80mph cruise.

      • Cameron Moore

        Thanks for the reply. When removing the DPF did You remove the engine mount or the frame crossmember? Did you have to cut it with a sawzall? Any speciality tools?

        I’m going to undertake this project very soon and any advice would be greatly appreciated.


        • Yes too both questions. It was an undertaking … you’ll need to block it with wood and jack it up a bit to get working room too. My opinion is to think it through and make sure you have the time and tools when you go at it.

  • michael a bingham

    I love your blog and I have just found it really. I am thinking about buying a x5 35d with 150,00 miles, but it is a 2010 so it must be highway miles. I have looked into the emission problems and bypasses and deletes… is it still a “buy” at 14k?

    • Michael – Now that mine is complete, I’d be ok with spending that for a 2010 X5 35d … BUT just know it will be a bit of an expensive and frustrating modification. Love the vehicle now tho … and it tow my little trailer great too! Knowing what I know now, I’d keep looking for a better deal. I think you can find one or at least low-ball the 14K. Just my opinion.

      • michael a bingham

        Rich, thanjs so much for getting back to me regarding my questions. You are a wealth of knowledge and a selfess person for being the ginea pig. I am going to get the 35d inspected by a shop that specializes in the mods you completed yourself and service these things alot. That epuld ve the only way i’d go into a high mileage 35d. But im cautiously excited. Thx again

        • If you drive a lot and hold onto things (and own prior BMWs), I think you’ll really like the X5 35d. We drive all our cars well into 200K miles so am hoping/planning to do the same with the X5. I’m a diesel guy and finally having one that is an SUV exactly what the doctor ordered. 😉 Good luck.

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