The politics of being a connected Clinton #TooBigToJail

Posted By on July 7, 2016

Every public official who has spent decades under the bright lights of public scrutiny are in one way of the other connected to the political machinery, but few are protected as much as the Clintons. The deep Arkansas doo-doo surrounding Hillary and Bill Clinton never goes away and whether you support their political philosophies or not, all with a "nose to smell" know the corruption and cover-ups are there.


This past week semi-closed a long investigation into Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email server to handle all of her government and personal email while she was employed at the State Department. FBI director James Comey decide the actions of Hillary Clinton were "reckless," but were not criminal (#TooBigToJail). A day or so later, the Obama Justice Department’s announced they would not be prosecuting the case. The political camps either were relieved (Democrats) or outraged (Republicans) … and those without a "dog in the fight" were likely disgusted at the Presidential ballot options for November 2016 … and yet the email situation doesn’t even begin to bring to light how political connections have enriched politicians "serving the publics interest." (cough, cough)

Why the decision to put a personal email server in a personal residence wasn’t nipped in the bud by those charged with protecting our nation’s security is beyond comprehension, but the practice continued hillaryclintonquestionedfor 30,000 or more of her emails during the time she was Secretary of State. It doesn’t take much more than a 6th grade education to know an official at that level of our federal government would likely be a target of sophisticated hacking, that emails would likely contain sensitive data and in all probability held classified material either after it was classified or well before it became classified. One would think it just commonsense … and it is difficult to believe that someone who was First Lady, a senator and Secretary of State didn’t know, or care, what she was doing?

To elevate the poor judgement, Hillary Clinton then spent a year defending and excusing … and in my opinion … "lied" about the reason she opted for a personal server instead of using a more hardened and protected government server. She spent over a year covering up what was contained in the emails (many of which were deleted — surprise!). Those who have been prosecuted in the past on know that its not just the act one is being charged with, but the attempt to lie and cover up the activity. All are true in this case … as well as the many past decision the Clintons have covered up in the past. The list (and pattern of cover-up) is long for those who are willing to acknowledge it.

Frankly, none of this really surprises me when it come to high profile politicians in the rough and tumble world of politics … but what does surprise me is the willingness of Americans to accept it. To be honest, I disagree with the direction of the Democratic Party nowadays anyway, so the "trust factor" as it relates to Hillary Clinton would not have made the difference when voting. Unfortunately if elected, she and her ethics and poor judgement, will represent the United States … not that the current other option is all that appealing to me either (for very similar reasons). We are living in politically sad times.


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