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Posted By on August 4, 2016


Brenda and I are SO excited for our daughter Katelyn and her husband Drew — they are having a baby (photo above “just a couple years ago”). They called us with the good news last week that they are expecting (considering both are doctors, I assume they are pretty sure). Katelyn has not been to see her OBGYN yet, but the home tests say that she is pregnant … and from her calculations, should put the due date about March in 2017.

I had to keep my mouth shut (and blog quiet) until they were together with the Oostra family this weekend in Michigan (and she was back to Minneapolis to tell her coworkers and friends), but now that the all clear has been signaled I’m free to smile and say “I’m going to be a grandfather.” From the happiness of friends and family who are already grandparents, it looks like it is even better than being a parent!  I CANNOT wait!!!!

KatelyninMichigan160723 DrewKatelynMichigan160725

Drew sent a couple photos (click for larger) from their Michigan trip last weekend (they took the nighttime ferry/ship across Lake Michigan on Friday night) and had a great time together with the Oostras.  Brenda’s comment after seeing the photos, “it is hard to tell if she is pregnant?”  Ha!  … we’ll be watching!

EDIT 8/1/2016:
I still can’t say anything BUT —  after the Monday OBGYN visit the due date has been calculated as March 9, 2017 — and they have Baby Oostra photos already!




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