The Trump phenomena has now turned to full fledge panic

Posted By on October 11, 2016

The Republican establishment has moved a bit closer to full fledged panic after a video of their candidate for president was dug up from a "hot-mic" Donald Trump celebrity appearance 11 years ago. It offered an audio picture of what most ShockedTrumpknew about the man who swaggered his way through the Republican primaries. His vulgarity and juvenile delinquent (my term) locker room talk is no surprise and fits his "can’t touch me" Billionaire grandiose narcissism, but hearing it on audio is still disturbing. It is totally degrading to women and makes me uncomfortable as a Christian, a husband and father, who chooses not to swear or use vulgarity — it is therefore hard for me to stomach that he’s "MY" political party’s candidate for president. This is bottom of the barrel filth and doesn’t help the GOP which is already polling poorly with the female demographic (thanks to Trump).

To his credit (cough, cough), Donald Trump did apologize (something rare for him) … and makes most of his supporters squirm as they try to defend everything positive in the platform. At this point, the Trump campaign is starting to sink the entire GOP ship … House of Representatives and all (something not even imagined a few weeks ago).

I feel for the country and the direction we are headed and am thinking to myself: "How ironic, the one area conservatives always had over liberals was they stood up for values and morality — now it has been torched by this ego driven, unethical businessman who now has only one thing going for him … the fact that GOP policies are better for the country than those of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. That said, I’m having an increasingly harder time of even convincing myself to support my party’s candidate."

Personally speaking (and assume I’m not alone), I wish Trump would drop off the ticket because I would be far more comfortably supporting and voting for Gov Mike Pence. 


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