TechFriday: Kickstarter Raspberry Shake and other item arrived

Posted By on December 9, 2016


I helped fund the Raspberry Pi based computer Kickstarter project known as the RaspberryShake  networkingworking a large number of inexpensive earthquake monitoring station around the world ( The idea of connecting hundreds if not thousands of independent volunteer monitoring stations isn’t new, but it is a growing force in data collection. Hopefully I’ll be able to program on of my little Raspberry Pi computers to serve double duty and monitor for earth movement too? (a great winter project)

Shh! … my Christmas present arrived, but before wrapping it up I had to be sure it worked. Unfortunately the extra battery and free UV filters did not arrive yet.


A couple test photos in dim light … depth of field and focus test (click for larger).


Above are all with 14-140mm and one of the instruction pages in evening wide open.



The bottom 3 images are with the 100-300mm. Flowers at 100 and outdoor views maxed out at 300mm. All have been reduced in size for the blog, but click for larger.


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