TechFriday: New to me IoT High-Power 110 volt AC Relay

Posted By on January 20, 2017

A friend of mine has been brainstorming the components and options for a project that I’m tinkering on for both the sailboat and improving my back up power at the house. Basically the idea is to use a minimalist single board computer like the Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Pine64 or maybe just the new IoT Photon. I would like to be able to monitor, graph, send updates/alert and switch a high powered relay automatically or using my computer or phone.


The initial plan is to monitor a bank of batteries (like on a boat or emergency back-up power system) as well as the solar charging of them over time. When certain criteria are met, then have the programing automatically trigger events … initially turning on a smallish 110 volt charger in the event solar power alone isn’t enough to keep up with the demand. I bought a new $23 Digital Loggers High-Power Relay and gave it a quick test ( According to the circuit diagram, I should be safe up to 30/40 Amps … although plan to stick to about 15 Amp max. Here’s my short video of the quick test using my Pine64 below.


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