TechFriday: Jumpy cursor? Uncheck Enhance pointer precision

Posted By on February 3, 2017

LenovoMouseThe cursor on my new Lenovo Yoga 710 Windows 10 notebook has been driving me crazy. It jumps around the screen when I’m typing and often ends up add or deleting text in previous paragraphs. In an attempt to diagnosis the problem, I’ve fiddled with the trackpad thinking that my palms or thumbs must be touching it. I revisited the setting I used to remap my "out of place" up-arrow key and decided that was not the culprit either. After a bit of reading, and some trial and error, I think its the Enhance precision pointer option.

Try this:

Click the Window Start button
–> type run –> control mouse

Mouse Properties should appear (see screen capture). Then select the Pointer Options tab and UNCHECK the Enhance pointer precision box.
Click "OK" and see if that make a difference. So far so good for me.



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