Sleepy Beauty and PROGRESS on the 2017 Kitchen Project

Posted By on March 23, 2017

It is difficult for me to go too many days without sharing a photo of my two-plus week old granddaughter Annalyn, so today is another photo from my daughter of our little “sleeping beauty.” It would sure be nice to be a little closer to her … hint, hint, hint. Who knows, maybe there is a sunrise on the horizon (the photo in the link as nothing to do with what comes after Drew‘s fellowship, but stay tuned as it is close).

The kitchen project is moving along as our contractor has taken out all the old cabinets and finished most of the new wiring and relocation of plugs. Also the plumber has snaked in a new stainless steel flexible natural gas line for the new Bosch Gas cooktop as well as plumbed the new “pot filler” spigot behind it. It is slowly coming together. The vent hood still needs some sheet metal work which will vent down rather than up in the wall cavity behind all of this, but the plan looks as if it is coming together.

I ordered the backsplash tile and expensive under cabinet lights (shocked at that price) … then canceled my previous Moen Brantford kitchen faucet order since I found it cheaper on Amazon I should have gone there first.  The house is pretty much a disorganized mess and getting pretty dusty even those there is some plastic up … as for eating, it is not easy without a kitchen!

Here’s the “progress” photos in a slideshow from the last 2 days.


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