Update on BMW X5 35d problems: Battery and tires

Posted By on March 1, 2017

Neither of the problems I’m having has anything to do with BMW X5 35d diesel brand since the battery and run-flat tires are both aftermarket items. The AGM replacement battery I installed last year is still hanging in there so long as the weather remains warm (cold cranking amps are sufficient), but it will not hold a full 850 CCA (some battery info). I’m waiting for a new Exide Edge Flat-Plate AGM battery to come off the production line as CARiD asked me to wait … we’ll see if it arrive mid-March as promised?

I’ve mentioned checking it out before, but now regularly charge and check it in the garage since I have a new Solar BA-9 tester. It consistently will read “Bad” if I don’t keep it on the charger … but still usually records a strong alternator charge and voltage of 12.50-ish VDC at rest and about 10 VDC under load see how to do this with a basic multi-meter. After learning to use both, I’m not sure I would recommend spending anything on a battery tester (although wouldn’t mind a true load tester … the kind that heat up). 

As for tires, after installing a old “less sticky” plug and still seeing a little air bubbling my “dish soap check,” I picked up some fresh ones at Walmart and added a little “goop” to help it seal. I’ll know more tomorrow if it holds air. Ha!


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