Music Monday: Another year and more Van Morrison

Posted By on April 17, 2017


Likely Brown Eyed Girl is one of the all time favorite tunes for more than just my generation … no matter who’s version it is. The original 1967 version is hard to beat since it was written and record by Van Morrisonalthough I’m quite fond of VanMorrison_1970HeadshotJimmy Buffett’s 1983 recording (YouTube) too.

  Brown Eyed Girl | Van Morrison – 1967

As the subject line hints … the "again" … has to do with a mention on the blog a couple of years ago (different songs). Here’s another favorite – the 1970 recording Domino.

  Domino | Van Morrison – 1970

The 70+ year old Irish singer-songwriter is still going strong and both records and tours regularly having 36 albums to his name — his latest "Keep Me Singing." Few performers are in his league or have their own channel on MY Pandora app!



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