TechFriday: Apple announced iOS11 at the WWDC17 conference

Posted By on June 9, 2017


Along with all that is happening with hardware and innovation at the Apple developers conference — WWDC — one of the more anticipated upgrades to the mobile operating system was announced. Along with the likely "millions" of suggestions from daily users, my iOS11 suggestion/request was probably lost in the shuffle … although I’ve made the request in multiple iOS versions and to app developers.
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Those who know me or have followed my technology oriented posts, know that I have pretty much given up traveling with a laptop or windows10_datetimegtaskbarnotebook computer anymore. Nearly everything I need to do "on the road" can be done on my iPad Air2 and Brydge keyboard. It is my go-to device for keeping connected and organizing my days (haven’t been able to live with just an iPhone … yet). One of the options I’ve wanted for years has been the ability to put the date in the header along with the time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve appreciated the "stacked taskbar time/date" option on Windows devices. The ability at a glance to know both the date and time would be very helpful — all I’m asking is to have the option to be able to add the date to the existing time (I can’t be the only one???)


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