TechFriday: Contemplating an iPad2 to iPad Air2 upgrade

Posted By on September 26, 2014

As a iPhone, iPad and iMac Apple customer, it is challenging to know what products to upgrade and at what time. As much as I would like an iPhone6 or 6plus, I’ve opted to stick with the current iPhone 5s (and 5) in order to save a few dollars on our cellphone plan as we will most likely be switching to Ting, asparallelsdesktop10 mentioned previously. My son called and asked me if I thought he should get the offered “free with a contract extension” upgrade and since only two carriers cover Williston ND, my answer was “yes” unless he wanted or was planning to leave Verizon

My current desktop Mac is just fine and after a Parallels Desktop 10 update, which runs Windows 7 Pro on the iMac ($50), I’m ready for the new Yosemite OSX.

The more challenging decision is whether to update my much enjoyed and much used aging iPad2 to the soon to be released iPad Air2, or to hold off for a new lightweight notebook  to replace my almost 8 year old Gateway. I’m still shocked that I’m comfortable using this hefty PC … and still relatively happy with it after the SSD drive and memory update. The other option is to pick up a second hand iPad Air “if” I can find one?

Below is video review of what seems to be a rumored photo comparison of the current fourth generation iPad Air (4?) and possible “Air2” due out this fall. Even though his conclusion is that “he wants” the larger screen model, I’m pretty satisfied with the current iPad screen size (I’m not sure where the iPad Mini comes in … one might as well get the iPhone 6plus)?


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