The NFL football protests have an unpatriotic aftertaste

Posted By on September 26, 2017

Since I’ve been watching the Ken Burns and Lynn Novick PBS Vietnam War 10-part series, it is not surprising that once again that some in the United States have an issue over perceive inequities (or something). Unfortunately peaceful protestors again take it out on those wearing a uniform? Very sad … one would think that after 9/11 a protest that includes disrespecting KaepernicksSocks_aug2016jpg the  National Anthem would seem inappropriate?

What shocks me is that NFL players chose to follow Colin Kaepernick’s lead? They could have a least picked a better form of protest? Why patterning the ex-football quarterback’s kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem? This is the guy who wore socks with police officers portrayed as pigs. There has to be a better form of venting whatever grievances (???) they have than disrespecting American? Personally I’m still puzzled as to what NFL players are really are asking for or trying to accomplish? Likely the only winner in these offensive shenanigans is Alejandro Villanueva who was the only Pittsburgh Steeler to come out of the locker-room for the National Anthem before Sunday’s NFL overtime loss against the Chicago Bears.


For me, and many pro football fans in America, watching Sunday afternoon football "WAS" a time to escape the divisive politics that has infiltrated practically every other facet of our lives. I wasn’t happy when commentators lectured me with their personal political opinions, so I turned off those pre/halftime/post shows and just watched the games getting my analysis from friends and fans on social networks. When Kaepernick took his knee and eventually lost his position (based on playing performance or a business decision?) I cheered, knowing his behavior did not represent the NFL or entire teams. In 2016, I figured it was only one attention seeking player. Unfortunately in 2017 it is now political and there’s an offensive political protest every week from a few more attention seeking players. It has now infected entire teams … and like many, is something I don’t desire to watch or support. Good-bye for now NFL.

That said, I enjoy watching football … but love my country and those who support the flag and stand for our anthem A LOT MORE. I’ve tuned out, so take note team owners, taxpayers subsidizing stadiums and millions of dollars spend in advertising who are giving highly compensated football players a platform NFLNOto disrespect those who we ask to wear a uniform and defend us (saw the disrespect in the 1960s and it wasn’t pretty. For those too young, the Vietnam War protests shamefully included those who heeded their country’s call to serve).

For those who want to point the finger at President Trump and his offensive campaign style SOB speech (I’m not excusing his words) … these unpatriotic protests were growing before the presidents’ words and the additional participants disrespectful by not standing for the National Anthem is not an acceptable response; it is pretty offensive to those who serve in uniform under the U.S. flag. Wise up NFL, network announcers, team owners and players; don’t make your political statement at WORK when the rest of America just wants to watch football … make your political statements and protest on your own time.


Although I already was not watching NFL football, the final straw was seeing players pull the "kneeling stunt" during a overseas NFL game on Sunday … they stood for UK’s God Save the Queen, but not for their own country’s Star Spangled Banner.


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