More Power: Bigger batteries for the Rat Zapper mousetrap

Posted By on September 25, 2017

Sort of laughing at myself after running out of smaller AA batteries for my Rat Zapper “electric zapping mousetrap.” Yes it would have been simpler to run to the store (or remember when I was out) to pick up “another” set of batteries for the trap, but then what fun is that? Instead Brenda was cleaning out her junk draws and had a few odd ball batteries that we didn’t know if they were any good. A few were and a few were pretty flat … in any case I taped a few “C” batteries end to end and clipped them in place in order to provide the voltage required to “humanely” finish off a mouse (or so the claim goes). A few left over morsels of Tootsies dog food and have been zapping a mouse a night out in the detached garage. It is that time of year.


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