What about buying the new $1000 iPhone – is it worth it?

Posted By on September 13, 2017


And the number one reason to upgrade to the latest Apple iPhone (8, 8plus or X)the talking Poophead emoji. (see WSJ video)
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Now personally I don’t have a need for this new latest and greatest iPhone, but know many of my fellow Apple gadget addicted friends will definitely find a way to scrape up $1000 to buy the iPhoneX (ten) whether they need a new phone or not. The smartphone has become the clothing accessory or jewelry item people adorn themselves with … and frankly is much cheaper than an expensive “jeweled” watch, diamond bracelet or pendant. In that kind of comparison a item you use 3 hours per day (national average) is easily worth $1000.


In comparison to “my” early computer days, it wasn’t uncommon for the basic personal computer to cost over $2000 and have roughly the same technological lifespan as a smartphone with far less capability. I also know from personal experience that some of us have closets full of old computers, expensive suits that we “might” wear once a year … or specialty tools in our workshops that we only occasionally have need for … cough, cough – my Lincoln TIG welder.

So buying the latest and greatest Apple iPhone is probably not the worst purchase you can make … if you want it, order one … and help Apple become the first $1 Trillion dollar company.


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