Wishing a very Happy Birthday to my son-in-law

Posted By on December 13, 2017

 minonsbirthdaywish2017I saved a cute birthday graphic just for my son-in-law Drew’s birthday wish and it is a good thing I remembered where I saved it or what I named it!

Brenda and I couldn’t be more blessed than to have Drew in our family and as a husband for Katelynand now dad to Annalyn. It has been a big year for him and one that has been full of change.

  1. Became a new father
  2. Finished his fellowship at UMN
  3. Bought a new house
  4. Moving from Minnesota to Ohio
  5. And started a new job
  6. A new car and the those extra trips he now has to take to visit family in Cincinnati

Here’s wishing Drew a very Happy Birthday and to some of the best years ahead!


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