TechFriday: Loving the SiriusXM streaming app

Posted By on February 9, 2018


As a Fox Business addicted viewer, I keep a live-feed running much of the day just as others do for music, talk radio or sports. One of the challenges is that it isn’t convenient or available, especially in a low bandwidth, "just" audio feed … unless I’m in the car and listening on SiriusXM Radio. SiriusXMappScreenShot180207

Old CPP building in 2009 (or more recently)

Since I no longer drive as many miles/hours as I did in previous decades (back and forth from NE Ohio), I planned on dropping the SiriusXM subscription this year figured I could just run the Internet streamed FoxBusiness video on my phone. This works well, unless the higher speed LTE service drops (often when traveling) or I need to use my iPhone for calls, navigation, apps, etc.

So, when calling to cancel my service this week, the customer service rep did his usual best in order to save a customer; he succeeded in talking me into a 6 month promo that included their streaming package to my phone through their iPhone app. WOW … it is impressive and streams beautifully behind the scenes and even offers a buffer to pause or replay something I may have missed. It is still early, but so far I’m sold and wondering why I waited so long to give the SiriusXM app a try.


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