Music Monday: From 2004, “I Go Back” by Kenny Chesney

| April 15, 2024

It seems like it has been a while since Music Monday has highlighted Kenny Chesney? Maybe it hasn’t been that long, but then again, it has been a year … and I haven’t been streaming the No Shoes Radio channel on SiriusXM for a while lately.  That aside, I did listen for a while while working […]

Music Monday: “Uncle John’s Band” – Grateful Dead

| September 11, 2023

“Nope” … I’m not really a Deadhead, but I do enjoy listening to some of the devoted fan’s music. Last month I save the SiriusXM channel clip to my phone thinking to myself that I should add a Grateful Dead song to Music Monday. So here is Uncle John’s Band, a song written by Jerry […]

Music Monday: “Kung Fu Fighting” (1974) and Carl Douglas

| June 19, 2023

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Mellow Music for Sunday: “Duke’s On Sunday” – Jimmy Buffett

| April 23, 2023

As I often do in the evening, I was listening music on headphones while reading last night. Jimmy Buffett was singing “Duke’s On Sunday” on SiriusXM’s Radio Margaritaville … and it soothed my soul; I think I could listen to it on repeat over and over.  So instead of waiting until Music Monday, I’ll tag […]

Music Monday: “Jackie Blue” – Ozark Mountain Daredevils

| March 20, 2023

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Music Monday: Semi-Forgotten Mary MacGregor 1976 song

| March 6, 2023

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Music Monday: Bonnie Raitt sings “Angel From Montgomery”

| February 13, 2023

While driving and listening to a few of my usual music stations last week … one being SiriusXM The Bridge … hearing Bonnie Raitt singing “Angel From Montgomery” reminded me how I’ve always enjoy the solemn blues sounds she can offer in her southern rock. This make not have charted as a hit or even […]

Music Monday: A Little “Just Keep Livin” reggae by Mishka and Brenda’s hip replacement surgery and physical therapy update

| January 30, 2023

Generally, reggaeis not my thing, but this time of year it is easy for me to include something a little more tropical for Music Monday. So my music listening turns to either “No Shoes Radio” or Radio Margaritaville on SiriusXM. This week it was listening to Mishka Firth’s 2010 recording of “Just Keep Livin” as […]

Music Monday: “Back In The High Life Again” – Steve Winwood

| January 16, 2023

Perhaps it is that I feel younger “again” or that this song just the good memories from earlier times, but I do get a good feeling when listening to Steve Windood singing “Back In The High Life Again.” After a medically rough week … or several weeks with Brenda’s hip fracture and full hip replacement […]

Music Monday: Henry Gross singing Shannon in 1976

| December 26, 2022

Who doesn’t love those “one hit wonders?” Henry Gross had one call “Shannon” in 1976, which is probably why I remember it. It was a #1 hit in Canada and New Zealand, but reached #6 in the U.S. on Billboard Hot 100. It was played on the SiriusXM’s 70son7 channel last week and triggered a […]

Music Monday: “I’m No Angel” – Gregg Allman in 1987

| September 26, 2022

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Music Monday: Nights Are Forever by Dan Seals and John Coley

| August 8, 2022

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Music Monday: Radio Margaritaville and Jimmy Buffett singing “Slack Tide” from “Life on the Flip Side” while mowing

| June 27, 2022

It is officially summer … and what’s better in warm weather and sunshine than songs from Jimmy Buffett on Music Monday? So here’s “Slack Tide” off Life on the Flip Side album (as heard on Radio Margaritaville). I just happened to be listening to it streaming on the SiriusXM app on my new noise-cancelling Wyze […]

Music Monday: “South City Midnight Lady” – Doobie Brothers

| June 13, 2022

My “go to” Sirius XM channel for easy listening 1970s music has been The Bridge for the past decade now and it never fails to sooth my soul. The Music Monday pick for this week is another Doobie Brother song, this one from 1973 call “South City Midnight Lady” from their 2006 remastered album titled […]

Music Monday: “Where Do The Children Play?” – Cat Stevens

| May 23, 2022

While reading in the evenings I’m often sitting with my headphones on listening to music while Brenda is watching one of her streaming series … I think she is watching the Bridgerton TV series on Netflix before we cancel our streaming service. Anyway, while listening to SiriusXM’s The Bridge channel on my iPhone, I found myself […]

Music Monday: Carly Simon – “You’re So Vain” recorded live in Marthas Vineyard in 1987

| February 14, 2022

Considering I grew up listening to Carly Simon and James Taylor, it is surprising not to have included “You’re So Vain” from 1972 Music Monday before now … but as is say since 1386 (Chaucer) … “better late than never” (previous post: “Anticipation”). In hearing the studio version played on SiriusXM’s “The Bridge” channel the […]

Music Monday: “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” – CCR

| November 29, 2021

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Music Monday: Tavares – Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel

| October 4, 2021

When it comes to listening to the music, it is appropriate to be a bit more inclusive when it comes to songs that we listened to (and some danced to) in the 1970s. That included R & B, funk, disco and soul music from bell-bottomed dancing vocal groups like The Taveres Brothers or just Tavares.  […]

Music Monday: Carly Simon singing “Anticipation” #video

| September 6, 2021

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Music Monday: “Then Came You” recorded by Dionne Warwick and The Spinners in 1974

| July 26, 2021

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Slow, but not necessarily steady, progress on my home office

| July 17, 2021

Slow progress on my home office as I continue to work in disarray; I am missing my accessory junk … including a small hanging TV. I don’t necessarily “watch” business television, instead listen to the stream via SiriusXM to my Aftershokz Aeropex headset. Occasionally though, do still find it helpful to have a video image […]

Music Monday: Summer music listening with Yacht Rock Radio

| July 12, 2021

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Jimmy Buffett in Delray Beach & automotive pandemic insanity

| June 3, 2021

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Music Monday: North of the U.S. border with The Guess Who

| March 15, 2021

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New for me on Music Monday: Call It Dreaming by Iron & Wine

| January 11, 2021

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Tech Friday: Raspberry Pi 3 webservers and a USB Power Brick

| December 4, 2020

Although I only have one address accessible IP at the house, I can split it up via “Port Forwarding” on the cheap Cincinnati Bell router, rather than the home “mesh” network. After a little tweaking (ok, A LOT), I do have a work-around solution using a variety of ports to access different devices. For the […]

Music Monday: Walk With You – Ringo Starr with Paul McCartney (4: John Paul George Ringo)

| August 10, 2020

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Music Monday: Time Passages -Al Stewart (1978)

| July 27, 2020

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Music Monday: Johnny Rivers and Swayin’ to the Music 1977

| March 16, 2020

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Music Monday: Ruby Tuesday – Rolling Stones 1967

| September 30, 2019

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Music Monday: Average White Band – Pick Up The Pieces

| February 25, 2019

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Such a DEAL – SiriusXM and Amazon Echo Dot 3rd gen

| February 17, 2019

Like clockwork, it was time to either renew or cancel SiriusXM (again). I refuse to pay the month to month rate with them or the very few newspaper/magazine subscriptions I still use that does the same thing. Thankfully I marked my calendar with a notification as to the last day to cancel service … otherwise the […]

Music Monday: Starting with a change for 2019 – Kenny Chesney

| January 7, 2019

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Music Monday: Getting in the mood for a Fleetwood Mac concert

| October 29, 2018

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Mm, Mm, Mm, Music Monday: Broken by Jack Johnson

| October 15, 2018

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Music Monday: “Angel Of The Morning” – Interesting Tidbits

| July 30, 2018

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Music Monday: “Rumours” was the best album of 1977

| July 9, 2018

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Music Monday: Jet Airliner recorded by the Steve Miller Band

| June 25, 2018

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Music Monday: Steve Carlisle singing WKRP in Cincinnati

| March 19, 2018

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TechFriday: Loving the SiriusXM streaming app

| February 9, 2018

As a Fox Business addicted viewer, I keep a live-feed running much of the day just as others do for music, talk radio or sports. One of the challenges is that it isn’t convenient or available, especially in a low bandwidth, "just" audio feed … unless I’m in the car and listening on SiriusXM Radio. […]

As my weekly travel decreases, data connectivity is finally good

| October 17, 2017

My mobile life is FINALLY working the way it should, just as my road life is slowing down. I’ve been monkeying around with the "mobile office" for A LOT of years starting with a 1999 AWD Chrysler Town & Country back in the late 1990s before mounting my Palm Treo in my great little Volkswagen […]

Summer Breeze, makes me feel fine …

| June 29, 2016

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Tired of playing games with media subscriptions services

| January 31, 2014

It’s depressing to be back from a few days of sun (and rain), after a long drive from Florida yesterday, but also good to be home. It has been a morning clearing a few bills and accumulated mail off my desk and a light work day before Superbowl XLVIII weekend. One piece of mail, a […]

SiriusXM Jam_ON with Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers

| May 6, 2013

I’ve posted a few Van Session links in the past and figured why not at a SiriusXM Jam_ON session recording a “Little Too Late.” It has been fun watching the Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers expand their audience last year as they toured the country. The “cream rises the top” and it is great to […]

Test recording a little audio with the iPad while mobile

| April 19, 2012

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