Who really wants to fly ALONE with a 1-year old?

Posted By on March 11, 2018

Ah yes … the stress of a mom flying by herself with a one-year-old … it can be stressful.

AnnalynTrooperFlyingToCA180310My daughter Katelyn flew to San Diego, California “alone” with Annalyn on Saturday and reported that all her “distraction” preparations paid off … well she didn’t exactly say that … BUT that fact that she was relieved and said “she was a trooper” had me concluding that.

I checked in a few times with Flightaware on the long 2000 mile 5-hour flight — I can’t imagine trying to travel overseas with a baby or more that one!

Drew was ready to pick them up at the airport after his medical conference and can imagine both are looking forward to a fun time together as a family. I’ll be anxious to hear about their trip.


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