A new Hunter outdoor ceiling fan after 20 years from the other

Posted By on June 21, 2018

Last weekend I notice one of the ceiling fans was no longer working … we could have used it with temperatures in the 90s – hey, it’s summer weather and to be expected in Cincinnati. Replacing20yroldHunterCeiliAnyway, after taking apart the old Hunter fan, I could tell the inside was “growly” which indicated some corrosion. OldHunterFan_20yearsI recall hearing it groan a few years ago knowing that it was no longer as quiet as when new. Surprisingly most of the they used in this “outdoor” version of their ceiling fan held up pretty well. All the screws/bolts were stainless steel and nearly as good as new (shock) and even the plastic fan blades could have been cleaned up and repainted (they yellowed).

A couple parts could have been improved just in case Hunter engineers are reading this:

  1. the electrical wiring could be tinned like marine grade,
  2. the rubber gasket at the mounting base was severely degraded,
  3. the motor as mentioned above was growly/grinding which indicates corrosion to me and finally
  4. the paint over the metal housing did not hold up to the outdoor moisture/humidity and had pitted the housing with rust.


I’m not trying to be too nit-picky as 20 year for an outdoor ceiling fan is pretty good if you ask me?  Good enough for me to replace it with another 52″ Hunter Outdoor Fan for $109 on Amazon and 12″ extension downpipe.

EDIT: Adding an ani-gif of the new installed porch ceiling fan.


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