Fun and frustration rigging up an old Little Tikes swing

Posted By on July 22, 2018

OldLittleTikesSwing180722I had fun digging out Katelyn and Taylor‘s old Little Tikes swing that is both made in and  was used in Hudson, Ohio when we lived there … but the frustration part was having bought, then lost, a stainless steel nut for the cable clamp used in my set-up to attach the extension to the tree branch. After an hour of searching with LED headlamp on my hands and knees I gave up. How hard is a little shiny nut to find???

Now the only thing missing is “test pilot” Annalyn! Can’t wait until she is down here again.

EDIT: After a FaceTime with Annalyn and showing her the swing with her mom’s old “Skating Bunny,” I sent her this photo.

I don’t feel too bad though since they all had a good time with Grandma and Grandpa Oostra (and aunts and uncles?) in Michigan this past weekend (below is a “going for a hike” photo).




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