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Posted By on July 30, 2018

MRAotMGraphicWhile listening to music from a few decades ago on SiriusXMRadio, and having just included Juice Newton in a previous Music Monday post, I heard a “before my time” rendition of Angel Of The Morning … thinking, “that’s not the version I remember?”

After the 1968 Merrilee Rush recording peaked my curiosityDSF5211_Edit01_Photograph_of_Chip_Taylor_by_Ambrose_Blaine, I wondered who else recorded Angel Of The Morning or wrote the memorable song … which triggered an “I didn’t know that Angel(ina) tidbit moment?”

Below are a couple of the versions from the 20+ popular singers who have recorded it over the years, including the 1981 highest charting version by Newton that I remembered, an earlier 1967 Evie Sands version and the songwriter Chip Taylor performing his version in 1971 (and the interesting tidbit below).

  Angel Of The Morning – Merrilee Rush | 1967
  Angel Of The Morning – Juice Newton | 1981
  Angel Of The Morning – Evie Sands | 1967
  Angel Of The Morning – Chip Taylor | 1971

Chip Taylor was born James Wesley Voight … yes, the brother of actor Jon Voight and uncle of Angelina Jolie (and Merrilee Rush performed Angel Of The Morning for the 1999 movie Girl, Interrupted with Jolie as one of the actors). Taylor not only wrote the above mentioned song, but is probably remember even more for writing “Wild Thing” recorded by the English band The Troggs. Chip Taylor still performs – below is a YouTube version of “Wild Thing” with Kendal Carson from 2010.


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