Joking with my son who is pondering his career options

Posted By on February 4, 2019


While chatting with my son Taylor over the weekend about the terrible news regarding the killing of a law enforcement officer in the county where he works (depressing), we discussed his career options again. His job is currently to his liking, but the challenge and opportunity for advancement and salary improvement is dependent on seniority and the advancement of those in management position above him. He is very good at his current job as county planner (hence the joke photo above), but unfortunately it does not give him experience in administration or managing people. It is tough to know when to be satisfied with a job you do competently and when to stretch yourself by taking the risk with a new job, new people and new challenges?

In other updates, my DNA report from Ancestry has been completed. I haven’t drill down into them yet, but after a glance at the map, the results are as expected (and that’s a good thing unlike an article in the WSJ this past weekend!) . 



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