A couple inexpensive suitcase packing tips for any kind of travel

Posted By on March 9, 2019

We all see them, even if we are not using Pinterest or refuse to go to pages  designed to generate click income … but still, there are some great ideas.

SimplePackingTipsHere’s a packing tip that might help next time your putting liquids in your suitcase – put a little plastic wrap or any plastic over the top of your liquids and screw the top back on to prevent leaks (I also use this for storing liquids in my workshop … it might add a little life, especially if you tuck the plastic wrap into the can, jar or bottle removing as much air as possible).

The second item is to use the shower cap thingy from hotels to wrap around your shoes stuffed with pairs of socks before putting them in your suitcase … or just use a normal plastic grocery bag as I have done for years. The transparent and small shower cap idea does help you see what is in your shoes, especially if they aren’t too dirty or smelly. Great tips for traveling.


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