A little leftover Annalyn “dance party” video to archive

Posted By on March 13, 2019

gears_aniWith a short video clip of Annalyn dancing on Saturday, I’m going to tie Monday’s music “story” and the birthday party post together, if possiblePaintJennyLindBed190130although if this were gears, they would not mesh!

On our drive home from Perrysburg on Saturday, Brenda and I discussed just how much my mom would have enjoyed being around to see Annalyn and to admire the kind of mother her granddaughter became. She would be so impress with everything from how she hosts a birthday party or entertains friends from church. I think she would have appreciated Katelyn’s knack for painting, refinishing and craftiness that my mom loved so much (she even chalk painting my mom’s bed for Annalyn!)

In the mentioning “dancing” on the John Mellencamp Music Monday post, my parents grew up dancing (dance halls in the 1950s) and eventually became ambitious square dancers in the 1980s and 90s. So, a little video of Annalyn playing Dance Party (mp3) after her family birthday party is apropos.


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