Music Monday: John Mellencamp songs and my parents

Posted By on March 11, 2019

Surprised even myself that I’ve not made a Music Monday post highlighting music from John Cougar Mellencamp since my parents square danced in the 1990s with his mother and father, Marilyn and Richard. I don’t recall meeting them at the few dances that Brenda and I attended, but I do remember my mom and dad mentioning the Mellencamps (although didn’t know their son’s music).

That said, John Mellencamp‘s career has been long and successful. His rough start in music came from performing in local teen bands in his home state of Indiana and he survived through the heavy drug influenced college existence back in 1972. For those of us who enjoyed his early “heartland rock” music and many years of great songs that followed, we’re glad he put most of that behind him. Unfortunately, I suspect the celebrity lifestyle has made his relationship life a challenge noting his three marriages and several high profile relationships in the past decade (currently engaged to Meg Ryan). 

As for the music, my favorite is the Sidney, Ohio fittingSmall Town(easily applies to me) and “Pink Houses” … but there is also a soft spot for his first big album American Fool with hits “Hurts So Good” and “Jack and Diane” as John Cougar (without the Mellencamp) in 1982 as well.

  John Mellencamp | Small Town – 1985
  John Mellencamp | Pink Houses – 1983
  John Mellencamp | Hurts So Good – 1982
  John Mellencamp | Jack and Diane- 1982


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