Belated spring yard chores, pool opening and patio cleaning

Posted By on May 25, 2019

It feels a late start to opening the “mudhole” I mean “muddy” pool … this year as our trips to Florida have set me back on the usual spring chores. I think the earliest we have opened the pool as been March, but this year is about the latest that I can recall, although I’ve been working on the yard and Brenda on her mounds and plants.


We are also unfortunately closing in on having to drain and fully refinish the pool since replacing tiles (lost a few more this year) and patching can only happen so many times. I no longer have any additional tiles to replace those that have broken and Gunite is flaking pretty bad in several location. The refinishing $$$ number is not one that is appealing … let alone the summer downtime after draining in order to begin the work.

For now, the pump is running and cover put away (thanks for the hand Taylor). Patio and furniture cleaning this Memorial Day weekend and hopefully I can start the mulch next week?

EDIT 5/26/2019 – Pool is improving (at least cleaner), patios, teak and outdoor furniture is clean and ready for summer.

Question … did I do it barefoot or wearing flipflops? 🙂


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