Once upon a time when studying black and white photography …

Posted By on May 23, 2019

Edouard_Boubat_1943I had several hobbies as a teenager, but photography was one that I thought might lead to a career. It “sort of did” since it opened the doors to eventually starting a printing and publishing company.

When studying photography, several names of recognized photographers were published in the magazines and books. One French photographer that I was reminded of in a tweet this past week was Edouard Boubat (website)who survived the Nazi work camps of World War II in France and started taking photos in Paris in 1946. As a photojournalist want-to-be, I was attracted to his black and white common street scenes and recall trying to emulate his style. My study of his work was triggered by winning summer tuition at Ohio University when I was in high school (summer of my junior year) and seeing his photo triggered a Throwback Thursday #TBT moment. Interesting memories, but it seems like lifetime ago.

tumblr_pabo2aswfx1qdjto7o1_1280Paris, 1999


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