Music Monday: Felt like a Kenny Chesney and George Strait song

Posted By on June 17, 2019

FencePostSet190615This past weekend was rainy and stormy, but I was still able to squeeze in a few yard chores – even got the front lawn mowed before the BIG storms hit. We even had tornado sirens wailing on Saturday night as tornados hit in Indiana before making an appearance (so says radar) just south of our house. It feels more like early spring than summer … cooler temperatures too!



But back to the manual labor (hence the “working man” song) and weekend project accomplishments. Since the pool is open and the fence gate and post broken, it was time to get the QuikCrete mixed, new post set and gates repaired (although I had to protect the new concrete from the rain with a box). So far so, good … but there is A LOT of fence painting/staining to do! I feel like I should be on the clock doing …

  ShiftworkKenny Chesney and George Strait | 2007


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