Music Monday: Sheryl Crow and Soak Up The Sun #video

Posted By on June 24, 2019

SherylCrow44GraciesFrom an elementary school music teacher to international fame and success … Sheryl Crow lives the life most aspiring Sheryl_Crow_-_C'mon,_C'monactors and musicians ambitiously dream to see. Like most Americans who enjoy the “small town girl making it big” story, I love seeing people in this country achieve the American Dream; there is something special about her sound, music and harmonies that appeals to our ears, or at least mine a couple decades after she make it big. I now find myself taking notice whenever a song of hers is played (and it’s not the usual 1970s Music Monday oldie). Sheryl_Crow_-_Soak_Up_the_Sun

In my defense, I was a bit too focused on work and parenting back in the 1990s  to be listening to popular music, I miss most of what made Sheryl Crow rise in popularity. Her big “Best New Artist” year was 1995 and she won three Grammy Awards. After year after year success at the end of the 1990s, she she released the below music video hit single Soak Up The Sun off of her C’mon C’mon album. Unfortunately as the spotlight often does when famous, politics creeped into her outspoken opinion and performances. Both good and bad, it can sometimes offend fans. Nevertheless, as summertime approaches … who doesn’t enjoy the 2002 Soak Up The Sun music video? (although here in SW Ohio, we can only hope the rain will finally stop)

  Sheryl Crow – “Soak Up The Sun” | 2002


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