Happy Birthday Brenda, with a couple photos from the archives

Posted By on August 12, 2019

As hinted at last week, today is the day I want to wish my wonderful wife Brenda a Happy Birthday. We are looking forward to our slowly closing the chapter of “career” (no hurry yet) … and are starting to plan the new chapter called “retirement.
Anxious? Who me? Smile


Although we may have changed a bit on the outside since our senior year of college in 1980 where we met in an “upstairs/downstairs house turned college apartments” by Mr. Temple (still remember the landlords name), on Turner Avenue in Ada, Ohio (photos from the spring of 1981 “off-campus” at Ohio Northern University), I could not imagine my life without Brenda. I love you! 

Girls lived upstairs, guys downstairs – Google Streetview photo from 2014


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