What does moderate DEM Sen Manchin think of MedicareForAll?

Posted By on October 31, 2019

When it comes to politicians making promises and pitching far fetched ideas nowadays, the sky is the limit. The current crop of Democrats campaigning for their party’s presidential nomination have lifted the “sky is the limit” to “space is the limit.” The sales pitches stretch from free tuition and education debt forgiveness to buying votes by every adult would get $1000/mo (Universal Basic Income). A couple socialist candidates leading in the polls supporting Medicare for All as a health care replacement must think money grows on trees? Sure it would be nice to have “free everything,” but we all know someone has to pay for it and the more you tax, the fewer dollars for personal spending or investing. Take away the capitalist incentive and you’ll get a contraction in the economy. Some seem to think no matter how big the price tag, you just tax the wealthy and businesses more … that there will magically be enough for every social program … be it health care, education, housing, etc.

It is refreshing to hear a moderate Democrat unafraid to express his concern with Sen Bernie Sanders trying to sell his Medicare for All ideas.



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