A trip to Florida so that Encore could function on 12 volts again

Posted By on January 30, 2020


Encore has battery power again, Alleluia! After fiddling around with dying and dead batteries on the boat for the past year, I finally broke down and yanked out the 3 deep cycle AGM 105 Amp Hour batteries. I did a little rewiring and strapped down 2 new DEKA-made batteries this past weekend ($253 ea).

The weather upon arrival was not helpful though, as a cold front from the north pushed into Florida and brought rain, damp weather and uncomfortably cold winds. Thankfully it warmed back to 70 degrees and sun by the weekend — of course, it was then time to head home.
Besides attending to the battery, I worked on the alternator and solar panel which are burning fuses? I’m hoping this was all part of the dead and dying battery issue, but we’ll have to see if something else is shorting out? For the time I was on the boat, I unplugged the shore power, let the solar panel do the battery charging and pretended I was Jimmy Buffett’s “Twelve Volt Man.”

  Twelve Volt Man (One Particular Harbor) | Jimmy Buffett – 1983

Added a couple of leftover photos … including watching the SpaceX Falcon9 launch.


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