Campaign for Americans to “do their part” to fight COVID19

Posted By on March 17, 2020

Since all Americans are in this fight together, it is appropriate we take the precautions necessary to slow the spread and "flatten the curve" of the Coronavirus so that our hospitals and medical professional can help those who are in need of their care. Appropriately each state has stepped up with their own actions – some more aggressive than others – and even political opponents have come together ‘a little’ in this election year for the interest of the country and all American people (good to see).

Link to’s Coronavirus Guidelines PDF for America

I’ve tried to tamp down my own personal anxiety by telling myself to treat it as emergencies that I’ve live through in the past. I grew up with the “duck and cover” drills in the 1960s. The arms race and the threat of nuclear inhalation during the height of cold war. There were Vietnam war protests, racial tensions and riots when I was in grade school and my family personally lived through house destroying floods and tornadoes. I grew up with the draft, the probability of being sent to fight the spread of communism overseas, oil shortages, embargos, a presidential assassination (and attempts), mind-numbing inflation and double-digit interest rates on mortgages, terror attacks, more war (one that never ends in Afghanistan) and several business destroying and job killing recessions. Then there were major diseases … even in  modern times: HIV, SARS, EBOLA, influenza, etc. (link) 

Yet as of mid-March, this health crisis feels different. Perhaps it is because we are in the midst of it and the disruption and challenges are making such an impact?  COVID19 has for the most part shutdown the entire world in a very short time. A bright sign is that at the virus’s epicenter, Wuhan, China, life is beginning to improve … meaning that “perhaps” in a month or so, this hemisphere will see recovery. Let’s hope and pray that the measures we are taking today prevent unnecessary deaths and prevent the most vulnerable in our country from getting infected. 

Just in case .. the CDC suggests you prepare yourself, your family and your home with a plan. One little tidbit from the website might get overlooked … but read them all.



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